Regulatory Training - Searchlight Insurance Training

Compliance and Training for IFAs

IFAs are in business to provide a first class service to their clients.

Whilst we recognise that compliance is the regulator’s way of enforcing our own imperative to ensure customers are treated fairly, demonstrating compliance can sometimes be frustrating and time consuming. Add to that the ethical obligation to ensure that everyone who deals with customers, and those that supervise them, have the knowledge and skill to be at the top of their game, it isn’t surprising that some support is welcome.

The Financial Conduct Authority has already announced that they plan a more intrusive regime then their predecessor and by offering Compliance and Training for IFAs, Searchlight provides the support that allows firms to concentrate on their main task – looking after clients.

Searchlight offers:

  • a cost effective range of regulatory compliance services with expert resources to support your business – see regulatory consultancy
  • an extensive range of subject specific courses which can be adapted to meet any needs identified during consultation: see Training and Development
  • the ability to “mix and match” the scope and nature of our service for you
  • revision support for industry exams administered by the CII and the ifs School of Finance

The benefits

  • Advice on interpretation from professionals who work across the industry, to produce robust regulatory solutions at an acceptable cost to the business.
  • Risk assessment, review and recommendations on objective and impartial gap analysis and prioritising limited resources.
  • An expert resource to deliver short term projects by sharing the load and minimising the need for headcount increase.
  • Access to specialist project management, design and delivery skills to create and embed the message across the firm; transfer that knowledge within the firm and make change happen.