Making your LMS work harder for you

Many, if not most, insurance firms today are linked up to some kind of insurance e-learning platform. The problem is that few are making truly effective use of them.

There are two main reasons why many firms are not getting value for money from their online training investments. Part of the problem is a widespread failure to plan, manage and monitor employees’ use of an e-learning system once it is in place. There is not much point is sitting your staff down in front of an e-learning module if the material it contains is not relevant to their specific training and development needs or to their daily working lives.

The better insurance-specific systems include hundreds of modules on virtually every aspect of technical insurance, regulation and IT, management and marketing skills. That’s great as far as it goes. But it’s almost inevitable that generic learning materials will sometimes lack direct relevance for users in your firm.

The insurance firms who really get value from e-learning, however, are those who commission professional third parties to produce online training material that’s specific to their business, to their products and procedures, to their customer base, their business partners and their company policy.

Bringing in professional authors to create e-learning materials around the key information your employees need to absorb both codifies and disseminates the knowledge that empowers people across the business. A little extra planning and investment can make a world of difference.

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