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Insights® Discovery

The Insights® Discovery model analyses personality types in terms of four colour energies: Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue.

Each of us will have a preference for the order in which we apply these energies in our everyday lives.  Understanding the personality traits associated with the different colour energies can help improve communication in the workplace and develop or enhance effective working relationships.

You will find out the order of your own colour preference and discover how to use that information to enhance your communication with others.  The great thing about Insights is you stand to discover so much about yourself, noticing bad habits you may have slipped into and confronting blind spots that you usually try to ignore, but others see all too clearly.

The insights gained from the experience will give you the motivation and understanding to influence and impact not only your interactions with colleagues and customers but your personal relationships too.

You will be led by our an experienced Insights® Discovery Licensed Practitioner who will help you find out where your own and your fellow team members’ strengths and weaknesses lie and how to enhance the effectiveness of your working relationships based on the insights gained.

Who would benefit?

  • Individuals
  • Groups (e.g. inter-team, intra-team and across business hierarchies)
  • Customer service teams
  • Sales teams
  • Project teams.

Feedback from one recent session included:

  • Makes you more aware of your faults and how you come across to colleagues
  • Knowing what colour drives people helps me understand their idiosyncrasies
  • Gave me a clearer understanding of how others work
  • You can practise to start using different colours and push yourself beyond your comfort zone
  • I can identify and make allowances more.

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