Getting a handle on competence

It’s increasingly important these days to be able to measure and record the competence of your staff. Not just because the regulator demands it – but also for the benefit of your business and the people you employ.

You’ll often hear the argument that you can’t manage something if you can’t measure it. But that thought isn’t much help to managers who are often asked to manage things that aren’t easy to measure.

The good news is that competence can indeed be measured meaningfully – if not necessarily calibrated to the nth degree. It’s still possible to get a pretty decent handle on employee competence however ellusive it may at first appear.

Searchlight’s learning resources on the topic of measuring and recording competence can help managers, team leaders, coaches, and learning specialists acquire the knowledge and skills they need to make effective use of competency assessments.

This is particularly useful for managers who are creating or reviewing their own competency framework, using case study examples to illustrate, stage by stage, the process of a competency assessment and subsequent review meetings.


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