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  • What is Searchlight?

    We are an independent specialist training company providing dozens of face-to-face workshops a month to general insurance organisations and a wide range of online training workshops.

  • What is the history of Searchlight?

    We have been operating since 1999. Our staff and trainers have hundreds of years’ insurance experience between them.

  • Who are Searchlight’s trainers?

    We have over 50 trainers, all with an array of technical and other general insurance specific experience.

  • How much does all this cost?

    Each training programme is bespoke and our costs reflect your individual needs. Face-to-face training usually works out at less than £80 per delegate per day.

  • What proof of training does Searchlight provide?

    Each delegate who successfully completes a training course receives a certificate specifying the hours for CPD purposes. This can be an important element in helping to demonstrate competence to the FCA.

  • Where does Searchlight train?

    We train throughout the UK and overseas, for example in important outsourcing markets like India.

  • Can we share training with other organisations?

    Yes, Searchlight is very happy to run joint workshops for delegates from different organisations with similar training needs.

  • What do I need to do to ensure FCA compliance?

    Within the FCA rules there is a Training and Competence Sourcebook – essentially what this says is that organisations have to be able to demonstrate that they have defined the key competencies required from staff in each role and provided adequate and appropriate training and assessment to ensure that the required levels of competence are being achieved.