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Face to Face Training

We offer tailor made insurance face-to-face training delivered by experts with a detailed understanding of the real issues you face. This is a powerful way of communicating large amounts of information and understanding in a short space of time.

Tailor made to your insurance training needs

Our approach to insurance face to face training is modular – so you only pay for what you need – and totally customer focused. We can adapt, modify and combine any of our huge range of workshops to provide the solution that best suits your needs. For instance, if a broker tells us which insurers they regularly place business with, we can refer in the training to actual wordings used by these companies rather than something generic. This is just one example of an approach to insurance face to face training that keeps things firmly rooted in the real life everyday experience of the people undergoing training.

Our insurance face to face training is delivered in a workshop format, which allows delegates to interact with trainers and other delegates to support a fuller and deeper exchange of knowledge and information. We believe that training should be enjoyable as well as simply informative. So we always aim to include a high level of audience participation and use practical examples and case studies wherever possible to help bring the subject to life.

Setting the standard of excellence for insurance face to face training

Because we operate a culture of continuous improvement, we always proactively seek feedback on the training we deliver. As you would expect, we ask all delegates to complete an evaluation form at the end of each workshop. But we go much further than this, calling training managers – or whoever was responsible for booking the training – to find out exactly what they did or did not like about the training and the way it was delivered. Based on this feedback, we continually strive to improve the quality and effectiveness of the training we provide.

Unlike other providers we also regularly observe our trainers in action and carry out annual reviews to make sure the standard of training delivered is uniformly excellent.

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Do you need to stretch your training budget?

If you have 3 or more members of staff who need training but can’t quite afford an in-house workshop, why not host an “open market” workshop at your offices? This will save travelling costs and time for your staff and we can also offer special rates to customers hosting events. For more details phone us on 01372 361177 or email us at Brokeracademy@ssluk.net .