Covid-19: Could your clients have been covered?

Could your UK client’s business interruption policies have been extended to include cover for what has happened?


Every standard UK policy wording provides cover for interruptions that follow some sort of physical damage at the premises and whilst some ‘extensions’ are available that would extend this cover to include an interruption caused by other events, most Insurers would not expect these to include an outbreak of a disease like COVID-19.

The recent High Court ruling has provided some guidance on where policyholders might have a valid claim but the judgement clearly states that future cases will still depend on the specific wordings contained within an individual policy and how the Insurer interprets those wordings.

The financial support provided by the UK Government will help many businesses throughout this period of uncertainty but many clients will look to you to see whether any additional support is or could be available for the future and many will want reassurance that their current cover is adequate for their ongoing needs.

Business Interruption has always been a class of business that many insurance staff struggle to fully understand and explain and this isn’t helped by the industry continuing to offer policy wordings that use terminology that is sometimes ambiguous and easy to misinterpret. The FCA in a statement to the Court argued that some policy wordings at best provided little clarity and at worst confusion, over cover in the wake of the pandemic.

There has probably never been a better opportunity to review the business interruption covers you have in place as the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly shown how vital this is to every business in the UK.

Our business interruption workshops will make sure that you and your staff know what information is needed to get appropriate cover at a fair price for the risk involved rather than getting inadequate or incorrect cover at a price well above what the risk is worth.

–  Robert Young, Trainer


Meet The Trainer

Name: Robert Young

Qualifications:  FCII

Employment background: I worked for over 30 years for one major UK Insurer spending most of this time operating in the underwriting area in various locations across the UK.

I joined Eagle Star in Leeds where I started my career in the Personal Lines department as a trainee underwriting clerk. Various moves followed as I progressed through several commercial underwriting roles before becoming Manager of one of the two International Underwriting teams in Manchester.

Throughout my career with Eagle Star, I was involved in running many training workshops and helped to design, co-ordinate and deliver a commercial property and business interruption training package rolled out to all branch underwriters over a period of 18 months. I left Eagle Star in 2001 and started work as an independent Training Consultant shortly thereafter.

Training specialities: Commercial Property and Business Interruption



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