Workload Juggling for Managers - Searchlight Insurance Training

Workload Juggling for Managers

Employing tools and techniques to juggle a heavy workload and retain a healthy work-life balance.

Many Managers have heavy workloads and work long hours leading to stress and the loss of a healthy work-life balance.

This workshop helps to address these issues by sharing proven and practical tools and techniques – and many have made significant and beneficial changes to their ways of working, both at work and home.



Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6

Understand the typical challenges that managers face in managing their time.

Have a clear understanding of good and bad practice in personal organisation and juggling a heavy workload.

Utilise a range of general tips and tools for improving organisational skills.

Having a greater awareness of specific management challenges involving dealing with emails, delegation and leading/attending meetings.

Overview of typical challenges for managers in dealing with a heavy workload

Analysis of current workload situation and key areas for concern.

Identification of good and bad practice in management of time and personal organisation.

General tools and techniques for personal effectiveness – including prioritisation, managing interruptions and expectations, getting others to act an d the use of calendars and diaries.

Tools and techniques to deal with specific management challenges – including setting long term aims, dealing with large volumes of emails, delegation and running/attending meetings.