Treating Customers Fairly Through Knowledge and Excellent Customer Care - Searchlight Insurance Training

Treating Customers Fairly Through Knowledge and Excellent Customer Care

This workshop combines an introduction to general insurance with an understanding of the principles of customer care in a regulated environment.

It is designed for those new to the industry or those moving into more customer facing roles, including sales .

The workshop explores the areas which need to be understood by those involved in providing basic technical or administrative services.

Module 1 is core, with the option of module 2a or 2b to complete the workshop.


Level: Introduction

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6

Understand the origins of insurance and why people purchase it

Understand the legal principles of insurance and how they apply to general insurance products

Understand the structure of the UK insurance market and the different roles within it

Understand the regulation that applies to general insurance, with particular emphasis on Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)

Define the elements of excellent customer service and how this contributes to Treating Customers Fairly

Understand the basics of selling and how excellence in service can increase cross selling or up-selling opportunities

Module 1

The background to insurance
Buyers, sellers and intermediaries in the UK insurance market
The role of a broker and the advantages and disadvantages of using a broker
Roles in the insurance market including underwriters, actuaries, claims handlers, call centre operators, risk managers, loss adjusters and loss assessors
The major types of insurance available in the UK market
Compulsory insurances
The legal principles and operation of indemnity, subrogation, contribution, insurable interest, utmost good faith and proximate cause
The factors taken into account when quantifying indemnity
Claim settlements, including sums insured, average, excess, franchise, coinsurance, agreed values, new for old

Module 2a (Customer Services)

The FCA and general insurance regulation, particularly TCF
Providing excellence in customer care
Customer expectations and how to manage them
The importance of communication skills, including listening, questioning and establishing rapport
How clarity, knowledge, professionalism and a caring attitude can aid any firm to provide a truly TCF service

Module 2b (Sales)

The basics of selling with particular regard to Treating Customers Fairly
The importance of excellent communication skills in selling, both telephone and face to face
Listening, questioning and establishing rapport with customers to improve the potential for successful sales
Buying signals
Asking for the business
Handling objections with confidence
Approaches for closing the sale
Cross-selling and up-selling