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Solvency II

The introduction of Solvency II across Europe may be delayed, but many of its principles and processes are already being adopted in the UK for the prudential regulation of insurers. This course is designed for insurance professionals who are not in specialist roles, but who will be affected by a greater and more granular application of risk based capital management.

Perhaps the delay gives the “users” across the industry time to catch up.  This introductory course is designed to give those users a broad overview of Solvency II, the language that accompanies it and the changes it will bring.

Who should attend

  • Technical staff
  • Compliance officers
  • Finance staff
  • Internal auditors

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Level: Introduction

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6


Understand what Solvency II is and the implications for insurance companies of this new European Commission legistlation

Understand the key terminology used

Translate the regulatory expectations: the background to Solvency II and its objectives.

Describe the component parts: the building blocks of Solvency II

Explain the key terminology: the language of  Solvency II

Explore the key role of the capital model: the use test

Understand how risk control and governance interacts with capital requirements

Explore the data and reporting requirements under the three pillars of the legislation

Explore the wider implications of a greater focus on risk based capital management


The background to Solvency II and its purpose

A general understanding of each of the Solvency II three pillars.

Review insurer risks from the perspective of  the “Solvency II” balance sheet

Your capital model: demonstrating the Foundations Principle/Use Test

Risk management, governance and the ORSA

Solvency II: implications for the industry…..