Insurance Company Sureties - Searchlight Insurance Training

Insurance Company Sureties

A one-day Seminar covering the main points of insurance company sureties, concentrating on commercial (i.e. construction, customs and major contract) requirements and the methods of analysing the risk carried out by insurers providing sureties for the various contractual obligations carried by the applicant company.


Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6
  • Understand the historical development of third party security
  • Understand the distinction between bank security and insurance company security
  • Have considered the specific risks applying to each phase of a major contract and how they are viewed by the principal, the contractor and the giver of security
  • Understand the difference between the capital allocation of banks and insurance companies
  • Understand the importance of Tangible Net Worth
  • Have considered the various aspects of risk represented by the applicant, particularly as a prime contractor for a major project
  • Have considered the way in which corporate financing structures can affect the risk undertaken by the giver of a third party security
  • Full participation by the Delegates
  • Use of case studies including round table discussion to develop and highlight the risk structure to be considered by the giver of a third party security