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Self Management and Personal Effectiveness

Some people claim that their days are never wasted, but people that truly feel that way tend to be in the minority.

Most of us get frustrated with an unproductive day, and would like to get more done. This workshop provides practical help and guidance on managing time and yourself more effectively, leading to greater productivity and work control, and improved relationships. It is for those keen to improve how they cope with work pressures and their confidence in handling people.

Level: Undefined

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6


. Identify key result areas in order to ensure concentration on the tasks that matter

• Put planning, prioritising and scheduling into the right perspective

• Analyse the causes of various time consumers and identify appropriate techniques for handling them

• Describe the main features of assertive, submissive and aggressive behaviour

• Identify areas of your working lives where you should improve your assertive behaviour

• Develop a strategy to cope with difficult and aggressive people