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Responsibilities of Approved Persons in Significant Influence Functions

The FCA emphasise the crucial role of approved persons in Significant Influence Functions. The personal accountability and transparency that accompanies it is only increasing in the light of the recognition of how much the behaviour of executives and senior managers affect the culture  and operation of any firm.

Against the backdrop of the regulatory landscape, this  half day course will help you to recognise what the FCA expects of you – collectively and individually – in the way you carry out your responsibilities. Through aligning the expectations with good corporate governance, it helps you to apply the Principles for Approved Persons in business situations and identify the competences you are expected to demonstrate.

Who should attend?

Approved Persons in Significant Influence functions:

  • Executive and non executive directors
  • Chief executives
  • Finance directors and managers
  • Compliance oversight
  • Risk managers

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Level: Regulatory

Duration: 0.5 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 3


Recognise the regulatory expectations of the way you carry out your responsibilities

Review your allocation of Controlled Functions

Examine the way in which systems and controls are allocated and overseen

Apply the Principles for Approved Persons in a business situation and recognise what would constitute a breach of those principles

Understand what the Principles are

Identify and ensure documents supporting the governance of the company are kept up to date (and often discovering they are not!)


Corporate governance: the breadth of what it entails at the heart of the approved persons regime

High Level Standards: review the High Level Standards and the relevance to an approved person

Controlled Functions: correct and appropriate application of  the Controlled Functions

APER: the code of conduct principles Approved Persons should meet and how they apply

Maintaining approval: know what information must be notified to demonstrate fitness and propriety.

Documentation: what demonstrates good governance