Problem Solving and Decision Making - Searchlight Insurance Training

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Everyday in business there are problems and dilemmas requiring our attention. By adopting an appropriate problem solving approach you can improve results, productivity and ultimately the firm’s profitability.

This participative workshop will enable delegates to examine and use a range of problem solving and decision making techniques that can be adapted to a wide range of problems.

It is suitable for all those who need to solve problems and make decisions in the workplace.

Level: n/a

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6

Understand the difference between problem solving and decision making

Consider causes of problems and not just the symptoms

Describe techniques for generating solutions

Detail methods for selecting the optimum solution

Employ relevant problem solving tools

Explore the use of creative thinking in problem solving



The benefits of a structured approach to problem solving

Recognising the real problem

Causes and effects of problems

Collecting data relevant to problem solving

Techniques for generating solutions

Methods for creative thinking

Selecting the best solution

Decision making models

Making the solution work

Personal action plan