Motor Trade Insurance - Advanced - Searchlight Insurance Training

Motor Trade Insurance – Advanced

This workshop is intended for account executives and senior members of commercial teams who have been handling all aspects of motor trade insurance for some time.
The course will examine in detail the wider needs of motor traders and associated businesses, showing how these needs can be addressed.

The style of the course involves participation. Delegates will be encouraged to share their experiences and discuss common issues relating to motor trade insurance.


Level: Advanced

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6


• demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the of types of
businesses that comprise the motor trade industry

• recommend and describe policy covers necessary for
businesses operating in the motor trade industry

• compare the different covers available in the market and
identify areas of particular importance for clients

• contrast the needs of motor traders with other, similar,
engineering businesses

• explain in detail motor insurance legislation affecting
motor traders and ancillary businesses with special
reference to The Motor Insurance Database

• list factors involved with the placing of complex motor
trade risks and describe effective methods of presentation

• describe methods used by brokers, insurers and risk
managers to reduce claims frequency and costs to the
benefit of all parties connected with the business


• Examination of the different types of motor traders and
the size of the market

• Analysis of how motor trade policies cope with compulsory
motor insurance requirements, including certificate

• A study of frequently asked questions and issues relating
to the Motor Insurance Database

• Examination of the policy covers available to motor
traders, including a detailed study of a selection of
Road Risks policies
• Evaluation of critical underwriting features associated
with different risk types and a discussion on methods of
presentation to underwriters

• Comparison of different risk improvement methods
currently used by the market

• End of course case studies