Motor Insurance Claims - Intermediate - Searchlight Insurance Training

Motor Insurance Claims – Intermediate

This is an interactive workshop for those who already have some experience in motor insurance claims.

An opportunity for discussion and application of the knowledge will be provided through the use of case studies.

The workshop focuses on providing a more detailed understanding of the key issues which arise when handling motor claims both own damage and third party claims.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6


Explain the importance of a proactive approach to claims handling and appropriate reserving and how this contributes to the overall performance of insurers

Explain the key areas of potential dispute in relation to own damage claims and appropriate means of resolution

Assess the appropriate means of investigating liability and explain how to research and interpret relevant case law

Analyse the key considerations in relation to third party property damage claims

Outline the method of valuation for injury and fatal accident claims

Demonstrate an understanding of the litigation process, including the role of Part 36 offers

Explain the role of insurers as RTA and Article 75 insurer and the role of the Motor Insurers’ Bureau


General overview, including proactivity and reserving

Own damage claims – common issues, including disputes and keys left in vehicles

Liability issues, including negligence, onus of proof, contributory negligence, investigations, criminal prosecutions, case law

Third party quantum, including credit hire, diminution of value, loss of use, loss of earnings, interest and interim payments

Introduction to injury and fatal accident claims, including reserving

Introduction to litigation, including Court structure, Part 36

Motor Insurers’ Bureau – definition of road, RTA insurer, Article 75 insurer, uninsured and untraced drivers