Money Laundering/Data Protection - Searchlight Insurance Training

Money Laundering/Data Protection

This is a half day interactive workshop covering the following:

Level: Regulatory

Duration: 0.5 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 3


• Demonstrate an understanding of what money laundering is

• Explain relevant aspects of the law in relation to money laundering

• Know what action to take if money laundering is suspected

• Understand the principles of the Data Protection Act and be familiar with its terms and terminology

• Explain the legal obligations and general responsibilities arising from the capture of personal information


Money Laundering

• What is Money Laundering
• Statutory Background
• How Money Laundering May Arise
• Personal Obligations
• Internal Procedures

Data Protection Act 1988

• What is the Data Protection Act?
• Overview, Registration, Obligations after Registration, Rights of Individuals and Subject Access Requests

• How Does the Data Protection Act Affect Me?

• What Information and Sort of Information is Held and Rights to that Information

• How Does the Data Protection Act Affect My Job and My Staff

• Personal Data, How Data Needs to be Kept, Security of Data, Requests to View Personal Data, Rights of Data Subjects and Information that Can and Cannot be Provided