Measuring and Recording Competence - Searchlight Insurance Training

Measuring and Recording Competence

This workshop is designed for managers, team leaders, coaches and learning specialists. It provides the skills and knowledge required to use competency assessment effectively, in order to support the development of others.

It is particularly useful for those who are creating or reviewing their own competency framework, and is based upon a case study, which is followed through the process of competency assessment and subsequent review meetings.

Level: Management

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6


•Define the terms competence and competency

•Describe how competencies support the employment cycle

•Evaluate different approaches to building competency frameworks,including the CII model

•Explain how competency assessment fits within the performance management process

•Give examples of suitable evidence of competence for given roles

•Formulate a plan for measuring and recording competence in their firm


•Competence and competencies –defining terminology

•Using competencies for recruitment

•Assessing competence for an existing role

•Using competencies for development for a future role

•CII competency framework

•Using the framework to benchmark your firm’s approach

•Performance management

•The competency review

•Providing evidence of competence

•The personal development plan

•Strategies for ongoing review of development

•Effective record keeping

•Continuous professional development

•Completion of personal action plan for further development