Measuring the Effectiveness of Training - Including ROI - Searchlight Insurance Training

Measuring the Effectiveness of Training – Including ROI

This interactive workshop will help to develop the skills of those with line and HR responsibilities for providing and justifying the training of staff.

It will identify tools and techniques for planning and undertaking a diagnostic process to produce clear statements of the business, performance and learning objectives for an investment in training.

This programme will show you how to plan, implement and effectively measure your training to achieve your business objectives.


Duration: 2 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 12

2 Day Programme – LONDON –

Improve the business focus of training
Improve the satisfaction level of the staff being trained
Ensure training has a practical impact on your business
Get better value for your money
Provide returns to justify financial outlay


Develop impact, application and learning objectives for training programmes
Improve the level of transfer of learning to the job
Give learners the knowledge and skills which will change their behaviours positively
Maximise the learners’ engagement and application of the training
Enhance internal policies on evaluation
Measure the impact of your training programmes


Identify the behaviour, learning and reaction objectives for a training programme to match your business objectives.
Measure and state the results at each level
Identify the full costs and benefits of a programme
Describe the evaluation process


Developing objectives at Kirkpatrick’s four levels:

Drafting Behavioural Objectives

Designing objectives based training

Identifying appropriate solutionsIncreasing transfer of learning

Increasing learner engagement


Agreeing project work in preparation for Day 2


Review of project work

Overview of the evaluation process
•Levels of evaluation
•The ROI Methodology model

Developing an evaluation strategy
•Working with hard and soft data
•Results-based process
•Linking needs assessment with evaluation

Benefits to the business
•Improved value from training
•The cost of not doing it


Personal action plan