JCT Clauses for Contract Works Insurance (SearchBite) - Searchlight Insurance Training

JCT Clauses for Contract Works Insurance (SearchBite)

This intensive 2 hour SearchBite aimed at those new to Contract Works insurance provides an overview of the insurance requirements under some common JCT contracts.

An understanding of the JCT insurance requirements is essential in order to ensure that insurance arrangements in place are aligned.

The programme also examines the cover provided under a typical Contract Works policy.

Level: Introduction

Duration: 0.2 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 2

Key programme elements:

•Review the latest suite of JCT contracts with reference to the insurance obligations and requirements.


•The programme concentrates on the following
• Homeowners Contracts
• Minor Works Contract
• Standard Building Contract


•The meaning of Joint Names cover



•Contract Works policy cover :
• Usual cover
• Exclusions
• Extensions

By the end of this SearchBite, participants will be able to

•Differentiate between contractual obligations and insurance requirements under JCT contracts


•Discuss the concept of Joint names cover


•State the insurance requirements under the JCT Homeowners, Minor Works and Standard Building contracts


•Explain how JCT clauses affect the  policyholder’s insurance arrangements


•Explain the cover provided under a typical Contract Works policy


•Identify how policyholder’s insurance arrangements align with JCT requirements