IOSH Leading Safely - Searchlight Insurance Training

IOSH Leading Safely

HSE Chair Judith Hackitt’s message is clear: Leadership can change lives in the workplace.

IOSH’s brand new one-day course is suitable for anyone in a leadership role within a business or other organisation; e.g. Directors, Managers, Senior Executives.


Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6


  • A reduction in accident rates, absence and sick leave
  • Increased productivity and profits
  • An improved reputation among suppliers, clients and partners
  • Reduced insurance premiums and legal costs
  • Better business continuity



  • Check the Safety Culture within your operation and your legal responsibilities
  • Consider some challenging scenarios
  • How to develop a vision, engage colleagues, create strategy, set priorities, monitor, analyse and review.
  • A plan-do-check-act model to get to the heart of risk management – a solid, recognised demonstration of quality management