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Introduction to Management

Junior managers (supervisors and team leaders) may be well qualified and their technical knowledge and skills up-to-date, but what about their management skills? FCA regulation is not only concerned with the achievement of competence and the recording of that information, it also addresses the level of supervision whilst individuals are undergoing training and the ongoing monitoring of their competence and performance.

It is essential that all employees:
•are competent and remain competent for the work they do

•are appropriately supervised

•have their competence regularly reviewed, with the level of competence appropriate to the nature of the business

This one day highly interactive workshop will give supervisors/team leaders an introduction to management, providing an overview of what good supervisors/team leaders should be doing.

Level: Introduction

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6

Workshop Objectives

Delegates who successfully complete this workshop will be able to:

•define the essential responsibilities of team leaders/supervisors
•outline the key elements of successful teams
•define the key skills required to be a successful coach
•outline the importance of motivation and how to apply it to their team
•set SMART objectives

Workshop Content

•What is a Manager? – to establish the responsibilities of supervisors/team leaders
•What Makes a Team? – to encourage delegates to think about the wider aspects of the role, how a team is made up of different personalities and how to use their individual strengths to the team’s advantage.
•Motivation – what motivation is and how to create a climate that encourages all the things that motivate us as individuals. How targets given in the right way can help motivate the individual and the team
•Coaching – the importance of building a productive and motivated team, looking briefly at the skills needed to be an accomplished coach
•Feedback – giving and receiving and how vital feedback is to a team’s development.
•Setting Objectives – how to set SMART objectives and why they are vital
•Action Plan