Introduction to Management Coaching Skills - Searchlight Insurance Training

Introduction to Management Coaching Skills

What would it be like if you had a team of highly motivated, high performing, goal focused individuals who worked collaboratively and effectively?

Well, with this one day course you will discover how this powerful and influential style of management can really make a difference to you and your team.

Learn how to ask the right questions at the right time, how to develop motivation and engagement, how to set meaningful goals with the ultimate aim of improving business results.

Level: n/a

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6


By the end of this workshop managers will:

  • Know what management coaching is and is not
  • Know the value coaching skills can bring to any conversation
  • Have practiced core coaching and communication skills and how to apply these back in the workplace
  • Be equipped with a range of practical tools and techniques to deal with many challenging situations
  • Know how to build trusting and sustainable working relationships


  • What coaching is and is not – dispelling the myths of coaching definitions
  • Where coaching fits within the wider spectrum of leadership styles and approaches
  • Developing powerful questioning, listening, rapport and influencing skills
  • Structuring your coaching conversations and sessions to ensure goals are clearly defined and measured
  • When and how to use coaching in every day situations
  • Purposeful practice sessions using your own real life situations to be coached on and coach others.