Introduction to Business Communication Skills - Searchlight Insurance Training

Introduction to Business Communication Skills

Communicating with customers can be complex, Too often we lose sight of the objectives of writing to or calling customers. E-communication makes better writing critical, as well as an ability to communicate simply and directly.
Using the telephone to best effect may be the difference between a successful conversation and a difficult one.

This interactive workshop provides practical help/guidance to develop these skills and overcome any problems.

Level: Introduction

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6


Organise and structure letters and e-mails logically to make them readable and easy to understand

Write English which is concise, accurate and readable

Use vocabulary, punctuation, tense and sentence construction to achieve the required style and tone of the document

Write in a style appropriate to the readership of the document

Checking your communications

Recognise the impact that telephone style has on the customer’s experience

Use effective questioning and listening skills as appropriate to the call

Handling difficult callers

Ensure that both human and business needs are met


Introduction and objectives

Effective communication and Plain English

Planning and preparation

Structure and sequence

Writing to express not to impress

Proof reading

Using positive language

Directing a conversation, using the conversation cycle

Dealing with difficult calls

Taking responsibility – not taking it personally

Building rapport – skills and techniques to build rapport with every customer

Personal barriers and effective self-management