Intellectual Property Insurance - Searchlight Insurance Training

Intellectual Property Insurance

This interactive half day workshop provides an excellent introduction to the risks relating to intellectual property. It includes an analysis of the risks involved, the legal background and the insurance products available.

The workshop will be of interest to brokers, insurers and lawyers who wish to develop a more technical knowledge of the law and insurance practice relating to intellectual property risks.

Level: Introduction

Duration: 0.5 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 3


. Understand the legal background and various types of intellectual property risk

. Understand the rights, risks and exposures relating to intellectual property

. Describe the types of cover available

. Be aware of the factors insurers consider in the assessment and pricing of risk


What is intellectual property?
. Patents
. Trademarks
. Copyright

Types of intellectual property risk

Defending rights and enforcing rights

Coverage – defence costs, reimbursement and infringement abatement

Proposals and underwriting considerations

Policy forms