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Introduction to Insurance Basics (3 Day Programme)

Getting to grips quickly with the basics of insurance is a key requirement for those joining the industry, whether in a customer servicing role, a claims handling role, or any other role.

Understanding the principles upon which insurance is founded, the nature of risk, the structure of the market and its various players, the key skills of underwriting and claims, how a policy is constructed and the main types of insurance are all vital parts of ensuring that a new joiner is ready and competent to undertake their role.

Gaining a good understanding of the words and terms used in insurance can help to demystify an industry that can be renown for its jargon.

This highly participative 3 day programme has been designed for those new to the insurance industry or undertaking a technical role for the first time. It is designed to speedily ensure that a good basic understanding of insurance and how it works is put in place.

A number of exercises and activities will be used during the workshop to ensure that learning is hands on and sustainable.  The programme also includes a visit to Lloyd’s.

All delegates on the programme now have 12 months access to our online Insurance Basics programme to help embed the learning.


Level: Introduction

Duration: 3 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 18


Explain the origins of insurance and why people buy it

Describe the nature of risk and how it is assessed

Outline the legal principles of insurance

Describe the structure of the UK insurance market and the types of firms

Outline the nature of the Lloyd’s and London markets

Describe the various ways in which insurance is distributed

Specify the key insurance market bodies and their main functions

Understand the basic regulatory requirements relating to the FCA and PRA, The Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act, Data Protection and Anti-Money Laundering

Specify the main types of insurance available to UK consumers

Describe the various documentation relating to the issue of a policy and how this operates in practice

Understand the basic concept of risk assessment, underwriting and pricing

Understand the basic principles of claims and claims handling


The Origins of Insurance and Why People Buy Insurance

Risk and the role of Insurance

The Legal Principles of Insurance

The Insurance Market

Lloyd’s and the London Market (including a visit to Lloyd’s)


Market Bodies


The Products

The Policy and its Structure

Underwriting and Risk Assessment

Claims and Claims Handling

End of Workshop Test