ILM – Endorsed Programme in Customer Relationship Management - Searchlight Insurance Training

ILM – Endorsed Programme in Customer Relationship Management


This 3-day endorsed customer relationship management programme is aimed at anyone in a sales, insurance or business development role looking to improve existing customer service skills and develop new techniques to enhance the customer experience and give the organisation a vital competitive edge.

The FCA expects customers’ interests to be at the heart of how firms do business and this programme will enable delegates to meet the challenge of providing the best customer service available.

By the end of this 3-day programme delegates will:

  • be able to handle a variety of customer situations and issues in an assertive and helpful way
  • know who their customers are, and understand their expectations and needs
  • know how to improve the image of the organisation
  • know how to build effective and lasting relationships for business success
  • have assessed their own customer care competence and had feedback from others

As part of this programme delegates will be required to undertake an assessment to demonstrate their willingness, ability and motivation to provide continuous excellent customer service.   They will be asked to complete a Customer Care Standards assessment.

Level: n/a

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 18


Customer Service Excellence

  • Identifying goals for a successful programme outcome
  • The importance of customer service
  • Who are our customers?  Internal and external
  • Understanding customer’s expectations
  • Developing a Customer Service Charter
  • Creating a professional company image
  • Customer service from their perspective
  • Measuring customer satisfaction
  • Implementing change to customer needs
  • ILM assessment requirements and Q&A and trainer support


Building and Managing Customer Relationships

  • Customer complaints – seeing these as a ‘gift’
  • Measuring customer satisfaction – strategies and implementation of change
  • Exceeding expectations – going that extra mile
  • Recognising healthy customer relationships and improving unhealthy ones
  • The ‘Likeable Organisation’ – strategies to achieving success
  • Solution Focused communication techniques
  • Building and maintaining rapport
  • Awareness of self and impact on others
  • Transactional Analysis – the role within customer relationship management
  • ILM assessment – Q&A and trainer support


Handling Customer Challenges

  • Understanding what goes wrong when problems happen
  • Managing and diffusing difficult people and situations – seeing things from their perspective
  • Meta-messages – matching the words with the meaning
  • Understanding assertive behaviour
  • Telephone Impressions
  • Written Impressions when emailing
  • The power of questioning Skills
  • Exquisite attention
  • Making conversation
  • Creating a work web for internal customer support
  • Short presentation on success and achievements so far
  • ILM assessment – Q&A and trainer support.