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ILM – Endorsed Programme in Coaching for Management and Leadership Success

This 3-day ILM endorsed coaching programme will develop managers and leaders in the skills and techniques of using coaching and mentoring as part of a wider ‘tool kit’ of management and leadership theories, models and styles.

This practical and inspiring programme is taught over a 3-month period to enable co-coaching practice outside of the training events to build capacity for learning and to build confidence in coaching others.

By the end of the programme delegates will have developed powerful techniques to coach others through change, performance and motivational issues.   They will have developed self and social awareness and will have an understanding of how coaching successfully can bring about vast improvements and confidence in others.

This course is designed for those:

  • who are unsure of the difference between coaching and mentoring
  • who want to know how coaching can help them manage and lead staff more effectively
  • who want to know how coaching fits within management and leadership roles
  • who want to know how to coach staff through change and when dealing with difficult situations
  • who want to motivate and develop their staff
  • who are curious and want to know more

Action Learning Sets can be continued at intervals after the course programme comes to an end as a way of a support network, problem solving and continuing coaching practice sessions with each other.

Level: Management

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 18


By the end of day 1 delegates will have learnt how coaching fits within the role of managing and leading and when to use coaching appropriately.   They will have developed a range of coaching techniques to build the confidence to start coaching immediately.

Learning will be gained through practical and thought-provoking exercises and practice sessions.



By the end of day 2 delegates will have gained confidence in using a range of advanced level questioning techniques and how to structure their coaching session to enable a successful outcome.   They will have learnt strategies to deal with resistance and de-motivation and how to use coaching to improve poor performance and maintain good performance.



Day 3 will have a flexible self-managed structure where the learning needs of the group will be reviewed and decided on the day.

The group will be given the opportunity of deciding what other learning needs are required to ensure confidence in using a range of coaching techniques for given situations.

The trainer will offer a range of alternative and advanced coaching methods to use when managing, leading and coaching others and will invite delegates to practice Action Learning Sets where delegates take it in turn to ‘bring a problem or issue’ and be coached in a group coaching format and which will be facilitated by the trainer.