ILM Endorsed Next Steps Programme in Leadership & Performance Management - Searchlight Insurance Training

ILM Endorsed Next Steps Programme in Leadership & Performance Management

The ILM Endorsed Next Steps programme in Leadership and Performance Management is aimed at managers and leaders with specific responsibility for delivering business success and managing change and performance. Delegates will typically be experienced managers whose previous management training has lapsed or for those who have not had formal management training or development.

This 5-day programme will enable you to lead your team through the full cycle from recruitment to high performance, with leadership coaching and mentoring skills at the heart of the programme. The skills and techniques learned will give you the ability to select the right people for your teams, develop their skills and keep them at the top of their game through periods of change.

This is a fully participative and practical programme which encourages group discussions, sharing of experience and linking leadership theory to realistic work based situations through the use of inspiring exercises and activities.

By the end of this 5-day programme you will be able to:

  • Analyse your existing leadership style and set personal goals for developing your leadership skills
  • Recruit and select the right people in an efficient and compliant manner
  • Conduct a competency based interview
  • Draft an induction programme that gives a new recruit the best start in their role and moves them quickly towards competence
  • Identify issues which affect individual and team performance
  • Use coaching and mentoring to enhance the performance of your team and to manage challenging situations
  • Recognise and manage the impact of change on individuals and teams
  • Influence stakeholders, peers and team members in order to gain support for change
  • Manage conflict and behavioural issues to improve team cohesion and performance
  • Describe your learning journey and make realistic plans for further development of your leadership skills

Level: Management

Duration: 5 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 30


Managing and Leading your team

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • ILM induction & Assignments explained
  • Evaluating your challenges as a manager
  • Personal future goals and objectives for leadership
  • Growth and fixed mindsets
  • Personality profiling tool
  • Evaluating your leadership and management roles and
  • Making effective use of competencies
  • Evaluating your own levels of leadership competence against
    the CII Competency Framework
  • Situational leadership model
  • Analysing the modules within the programme and identifying
    your areas of priorities
  • Review and action plan


Competency Based Recruitment and Selection

  •  Review of day 1 – challenges and successes
  • Evaluating your recruitment challenges
  • Understanding competency based recruitment
  • Writing job descriptions and person specifications
  • Shortlisting the right candidate
  • Avoiding discrimination
  • Getting the best from delegates through questioning skills
  • The importance of note taking
  • Making the right choice
  • Recruitment skills practice
  • Induction planning
  • Review and action plan


Performance Coaching and Mentoring

  • Review of day 2
  • Review of your challenges as a manager
  • Review your current competencies in terms of coaching
  • Overview of what coaching and mentoring is and the process
  • Developing a coaching plan and identifying training needs
  • Benefits of using coaching and mentoring to manage performance and other challenging situations
  • Spotting underperformance in an individual or team
  • Analysing other performance issues
  • Individual and team objectives and measuring success
  • Coaching and mentoring skills practice
  • Personal action plan
  • Support for ILM assignment


Managing Change, Conflict and Challenging Behaviour

  • Review of day 3
  • The impact of change on individuals and teams
  • Making change work through influencing & great communication
  • Review of your challenges when managing difficult behaviours
  • Disciplinary vs capability
  • Managing a disciplinary or grievance situation
  • Recognising and diffusing conflict
  • Understanding mediation, its benefits and uses
  • Monitoring progress
  • Practical exercises to test learning and theory
  • Personal action plan
  • Support for ILM assignment



Reviewing and Consolidating Learning

  • Review of current level of skills and knowledge – where you are now compared to at the start of the programme
  • Leadership case study bringing together models and theories
  • What have you learnt? What more is there to learn?
  • Evaluating your personal profiling preferences
  • Presentations on your learning journey and on-going CPD
  • Networking and support mechanisms
  • Group feedback and appreciation
  • Personal action plan
  • Submission of assignments – agree deadline
  • Course closure