ILM – Endorsed First Line Management Programme - Searchlight Insurance Training

ILM – Endorsed First Line Management Programme

The ILM Endorsed First Line Management Programme is aimed at those who are new to management or have aspirations of moving into a management role.

This 4-day programme will enable delegates to clearly understand their role as a first line manager and the impact this has on others.   The skills and techniques learned will give delegates the ability to build successful teams which communicate well, achieve targets and work collaboratively.

This is a fully participative programme which encourages group discussions, sharing of experience and linking management theory to realistic work based situations through the use of practical exercises and activities.  By the end of the programme managers will:

  • have a greater understanding and insight into the role of a manager or team leader and its duties, responsibilities and expectations
  • know how to build successful teams by understanding the stages of team development and individual preferences to tasks and activities
  • know how to communicate with others to build working relationships through one-to-ones and appraisals
  • know how to motivate staff by adapting management style and approach to individuals
  • have tools and techniques for effective time management
  • have identified ways in which to further develop themselves, reduce limited beliefs, build confidence and credibility
  • have demonstrated presentation skills in the safe environment of the group and know how to manage pre-presentation nerves and fear
  • have achieved an ILM Certificate of learning from a recognised leadership organisation

To successfully complete this Endorsed programme delegates must:

  • attend all 4 days of the programme
  • complete management related tasks outside of the training days
  • complete an assignment in the form of test questions to demonstrate understanding of management and how the models and theories covered throughout the programme have relevance to the delegate’s work

Level: First Line Management

Duration: 4 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 24

DAY 1 – 20 June 2017

What do effective managers do?

  • ILM induction and assignment requirements
  • Personal goals for achievement and success
  • Who you are is how you manage – personality profile test
  • The roles and responsibilities of the first line manager
  • Management v team leader and leadership – key qualities and attributes
  • Management styles and appropriate uses
  • Core management and leadership skills and attributes
  • Transition from team member to team leader
  • Managing your time, prioritising and saying ‘no’ respectfully
  • Action plan on how to implement skills

DAY 2 – 18 July 2017

Confident communication and coaching skills

  • Review of day 1 and implementing techniques
  • Communication, barriers and filters
  • Understanding ‘games’ people play in communication
  • What management coaching is and is not
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Structured and motivated 1-2-1 meetings
  • Managing difficult conversations with confidence
  • Giving and receiving non-judgemental and difficult feedback
  • ILM support and assignment Q&A

DAY 3 – 12 September 2017

Building a high performing and motivated team

  • Review of day 2 and implementing techniques
  • Groups v teams
  • Evaluating your team’s strengths and challenges
  • Team dynamics and stages of team development
  • Strategies for improving team dynamics
  • Characteristics of effective teams and building trust
  • Motivating your team
  • Delegating with confidence and structure
  • Expectations for day 4
  • ILM assignment support and Q&A

DAY 4 – 19 October 2017

Review and consolidating learning

Today is set aside for you to reflect, review and evaluate your learning over the duration of the programme. You will be asked to design a 10 minute presentation of your learning journey which you will present to the group. Time will be set aside to cover a short session on managing nerves during presentations and this experience will help you to build confidence for presentations in the future. You will be given valuable feedback by the tutor and course delegates.

  • Programme review, what has been most successful and most challenging
  • Managing nerves and preparing for your presentation
  • Short presentations on your learning journey
  • Personal development action plan
  • Course evaluation closure