Household Insurance Claims - Searchlight Insurance Training

Household Insurance Claims

This interactive workshop is suitable for those already working within a claims environment who wish to increase their technical knowledge of handling household insurance claims.

This workshop will supplement the real-life experience of handling household insurance claims day-to-day.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6


Describe how more complex types of household insurance claims are handled

Outline common types of construction and explain some of the key issues these present when handling claims

Explain the options open to an insurer under the contract when settling claims

Describe common areas of confusion and or dispute, including appropriate means of resolving them

Outline how personal liability claims are handled

Identify fraud indicators and the process of investigation into potentially fraudulent claims

Review the role of the broker in handling household insurance claims


The claims process, including the role of the broker and the use of suppliers and loss adjusters

Managing customer expectations

Claims, including storm, theft, subsidence, flood, underground services, burst pipes, impact and alternative accommodation

Buildings claims, including construction

Claims settlement options, including replacement goods and the impact of underinsurance

Claims negotiations

Complaints procedures and the relevance of industry bodies and codes of practice

Utmost good faith

Fraudulent/exaggerated claims

Declining claims

Personal liability claims