Freight Forwarders and Goods in Transit Insurance - Introduction - Searchlight Insurance Training

Freight Forwarders and Goods in Transit Insurance – Introduction

This workshop is an overview of both freight forwarders and goods in transit insurance risks.

It will review  the main covers, policy exclusions, conditions and underwriting features to be considered.

It will be an interactive workshop suitable for those who do not deal with freight  and goods in transit insurance on a regular basis but who may be required to advise or place the  cover.

Level: Introduction

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6
•Describe the key features of goods in transit/freight forwarding:
•The main contract conditions eg RHA, FTA, BIFA, CMR etc
•The  implications of national/international transit


•Review the insurance covers available for property in transit:
•Insurance covers (Goods in Transit/Freight Forwarders)
•Policy terms, conditions and exceptions
•Extensions in cover and their application


•To appreciate the issues relating to the underwriting of the risks:
•An awareness of types of commodities being transported
•The nature, period and complexity of journeys
•Other features of the transit risk eg vehicles, drivers etc

•To raise awareness of risk management issues:

•Potential claims issues
•The risk management process
•Risk management initiatives
•Awareness of Liability issues attaching to hauliers/freight forwarders:
•The breadth of liability that can attach relating to haulage/freight forwarding activities
•A  review of the contract conditions in particular RHA, BIFA, CMR which may amend the liability situation


•Insurance Cover:
•A review of the standard form of insurance cover that is available to hauliers/freight forwarders
•An outline of some extensions in cover


•Risk Assessment:
•The aspects that need to be  considered in assessing hauliers/freight forwarders insurance risk


•Risk Management