Finance for Non Financial Managers - Searchlight Insurance Training

Finance for Non Financial Managers

This workshop enables those with day-to-day responsibility for managing a business to understand it actually works and how their actions can influence the ‘bottom line’ result.

It is not littered with accounting jargon and meaningless columns of figures, but makes sense of the figures so important to financial performance.

It is for those managing or involved in financial aspects of their firms and who can’t afford not to understand the fundamentals of their business.


Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6


Delegates who successfully complete this workshop will be able to:

• describe the main aspects of financial accounting

• explain the structure and construction of the balance sheet, the profit and loss account and the cash flow statement

• explain the technical profit and loss account for insurance business

• identify the financial flows in a business through a business model

• explain accounting ratios

• interpret accounting statements

• describe the concept of Management Accounting

• explain the importance of Management Information Systems and effective budgetary control using a budgetary control model

• explain the methods of budgeting and control

• outline the concept of investment appraisal


• Basic Accounting Principles

• Structure of Balance Sheets and Interpreting Financial Accounts

• Common Financial Pitfalls

• Measuring and Comparing Performance and Cash-flow Forecasting

• Budgeting for Profit, Improving and Measuring Profitability

• The AGM and the Annual Report

• Case Study based on the Actual Report of a Company

• Time Value of Money, Discounting and Present Value Concepts

• Working Capital, Management, Risk and Return

• Mergers and Acquisitions