Essential Business Communication and Influencing Skills - Searchlight Insurance Training

Essential Business Communication and Influencing Skills

This course will be of benefit to delegates who wish to enhance their business expertise and inter-personal skills.

The range of topics is ideally suited to those people in a first line management role or with aspirations to supervisory/management roles.

It is also suitable for team members who will benefit form development of their personal skills, giving them more confidence in their dealings with people at all levels.

Level: Introduction

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6

Understand the essentials of inter-personal relationships.

Know how to express their point of view in a positive manner.

Be capable of creating rapport with colleagues and customers

Be able to communicate better with people at all levels.

Be able to recognise and overcome barriers to effective communication.

Appreciate the need to seek win-win solutions.

Have a structured approach to negotiations.

Understand what makes a good team.

Communication Skills – the difference between hearing and listening, body language, giving effective feedback, the power of open questions.

Essential Interpersonal Skills – assertive behaviour, handling conflict, improving self esteem, building rapport, SMART goals and objectives.

Team working – what makes a good team, balanced team roles, team conflict/resolution.

Negotiation/Influencing Skills – possible outcomes of negotiation, planning for negotiations, common mistakes, tips for effective negotiation.

Personal Action Plan