Designing a Competency Framework for Certification - Searchlight Insurance Training

Designing a Competency Framework for Certification

This interactive workshop will help to develop the skills of those with line and HR responsibilities for developing the T&C arrangements within their firms.

It will identify the key components required for an effective T&C Scheme that will enhance business performance whilst also meeting the regulatory requirements.

This programme will show you how to plan and implement arrangements that work towards the achievement of business objectives.

Level: Introduction

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6

Results Objectives

Improve the business focus of the T&C Scheme
Ensure T&C has a positive impact on your business
Avoid regulatory problems

Behaviour Objectives

Advise your firm on the key policy decisions required
Select an appropriate structure for your T&C Scheme
Implement appropriate performance measures
Design effective supervisory structures and practices

Learning Objectives

Describe the governance requirements for T&C
List the key components of effective T&C arrangements
Describe the key supervisory activities
Know how to define competence
Be able to select appropriate assessment methods

Policy & Governance

– role and responsibility of senior
– establishment of a scheme and
ongoing effective performance
– quality assurance
– record keeping
– regulatory competence requirements

Managing performance through T&C

– supervision
– supervision in practice
– supervisor skills, knowledge, expertise
and ethics
– quality assurance
– performance measurement

Achieving and maintaining competence

– defining competence
– recruitment
– achieving competence
– maintaining competence