Cyber Insurance (SearchBite) - Searchlight Insurance Training

Cyber Insurance (SearchBite)

Information technology is rapidly changing and so is the insurance available to cover the cyber risks which arise.

This intensive SearchBite session will consider cyber risks, the gaps in coverage in conventional policies and what cover cyber policies provide for these gaps.

A good level of knowledge of general property and liability knowledge is recommended.


Duration: 0.2 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 2
Key programme elements

  • What are cyber risks?
  • The usual cover provided by non-cyber insurance policies against cyber risks
  • The typical cover, main conditions and main exclusions of specialist cyber risks insurance policies in the UK
  • The cyber policy market, insurers’ information   requirements and underwriting considerations


By the end of this SearchBite, participants will be able to

  • explain the main cyber risks
  • understand the extent of cover for cyber risks in standard non-cyber policies
  • understand the key areas covered by a typical cyber insurance policy, the differing extent of cover available and how it dovetails with other covers
  • know what information is usually required by cyber underwriters