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Culture, tone and good business practice – Fulfilling the FCA’s expectations (SearchBite)

An understanding of the key part that Culture, Tone and Good Business Practice play in regulated business is essential to navigating today’s regulatory environment successfully .

This intensive 2 hour SearchBite will consider the importance of robust governance, maintaining up to date systems & controls, top-down promotion of good business practice and effective risk management.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 0.2 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 2

Key programme elements

The FCA’s expectations

•business culture and the fair treatment of customers
•establishing and maintaining effective transparent governance arrangements, systems and controls

Compliance or good business practice?

•What is meant by ‘Good business practice’?
•Senior Management, Compliance and Risk, a winning triumvirate
•winning the hearts and minds of the business – communication and engagement from the top, down
•setting the appropriate culture and tone – “walking the walk …”
•quality checking and reporting – measuring success and receiving reassurance from the bottom, up

Effective risk management

•putting the customer at the heart of the risk assessment process
•understanding, reporting and managing risk

By the end of this SearchBite, participants will be able to:


  • articulate the importance of establishing effective business practices and robust systems and controls
  • consider the way in which compliance may be positioned within own business to encourage support and acceptance in all areas
  • understand how fair treatment of customers needs to be addressed, achieved and evidenced within own business
  • determine how Senior Management, Compliance and Risk arrangements work within own business and what changes may be needed to meet the regulator’s expectations