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Conduct Risk and Training & Competence within your firm

The FCA believes that poor culture and controls continue to threaten market integrity.

This interactive workshop will explore the links between Conduct Risk, People Risk and culture and how implementing effective Training and Competence (T&C) arrangements can help to mitigate these risks.

It will identify the key components required for an effective T&C Scheme that will support an appropriate culture and enhance business performance.

This workshop will be suitable for senior managers and those responsible for delivering a T&C scheme and an appropriate risk culture.


Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6


  • Understand the governance requirements for Risk and T&C
  • Consider the underlying drivers of risk – structures and business conduct
  • List the key components of effective T&C arrangements
  • Advise your firm on the key policy decisions required
  • Select appropriate conduct risk management processes
  • Establish and maintain a culture that works for good consumer outcomes
  • Improve the business focus of Risk Management and T&C


What is a “Risk Culture”?

– Risk culture and regulation

– Risk culture and trade-offs

– Differing approaches to risk culture

– Balance between risk-taking and control.

– Centralised model or delegation?

– The ‘Three Lines of Defence’ (TLD) model

– Behavioural drivers – incentives and ethics


Policy & Governance

– Risk culture challenges

– roles and responsibilities

– establishment of a scheme

– ongoing effective performance

– quality assurance

– Management information


Managing performance through T&C

– supervision

– supervision in practice

– supervisor skills, knowledge and ethics

– quality assurance

– performance measurement