Competency Frameworks - Searchlight Insurance Training

Competency Frameworks

Every business needs its people to be competent in their roles if it is to prosper in the longer term.

This interactive workshop will help to develop the skills of those with line and HR responsibilities for developing and establishing appropriate competency frameworks for their firms.

It will identify the key components required for an effective competency framework that can help to enhance business performance whilst also meeting the regulatory expectations.

Level: N/A

Duration: 0.5 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 3


Implementation of a competency framework will:

  • Improve the business focus of Learning and Development
  • Ensure people have the knowledge and skills required for their roles
  • Avoid regulatory problems

Application Objectives

Following the workshop you will:

  • Advise your firm on the benefits of a competency framework
  • Develop and implement an appropriate competency framework for your firm

Learning Objectives

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Explain how a Competency Framework can benefit your firm.
  • State the definitions of competence
  • Formulate an appropriate competency framework for your firm
  • Select appropriate evidence sources


  • Explore the uses of competency frameworks for recruitment, and attaining, maintaining and developing competence
  • Defining occupational competences, personal competence and general competence
  • Review of the regulatory requirements and expectations of competency
  • Analysis of a general insurance competency framework example
  • Explore links with other business processes e.g. job descriptions, appraisals and T&C
  • Discuss what standards are expected and what “good” looks like
  • Review difficulties within certain areas of business
  • Investigate simple processes to enable competency frameworks to be established and managed