Commercial Insurance Broking - What the text books don't tell you - Searchlight Insurance Training

Commercial Insurance Broking – What the text books don’t tell you

This interactive workshop is suitable for those who are relatively new to commercial insurance broking.

It provides an overview of the practical roles and responsibilities of a commercial insurance broker. Wherever possible we take practical examples and activities to enable the delegates to gain the most benefit from their attendance.


Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6


-outline the information required from commercial organisations

-describe the method of assessing their ‘risk’

-outline the main aspects required to understand ‘insurance risk’

-outline the essential features of marketing and placing insurance risks

-explain the process and importance of client information

-outline the importance of maintaining client relationships

-describe the process of effectively managing clients


•the structure of commercial clients

•risks encountered by commercial clients

•insured and uninsured risks
•underwriting considerations and information

•marketing and negotiating with underwriters

•negotiating with clients

•managing client relationships

•maintaining client relationships