Claims - Improving Confidence in Communication Skills - Searchlight Insurance Training

Claims – Improving Confidence in Communication Skills

This interactive workshop provides a more informative understanding of the importance of communication skills when investigating claims.

The workshop will provide an excellent opportunity for delegates to develop their confidence in communication skills

The workshop focuses on building the delegates’ knowledge and skills in:
Rapport building
Questioning skills
Listening skills
as applied to claims investigations.



Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6

Workshop Objectives

Outline the benefits of strong communication skills when investigating claims

Define fraud and its impact on the insurance industry

Explain rapport building and how it can be built

Define the various questioning techniques and when they are best used

Explain the meaning of active listening and ways in which this skill can be improved

Outline best practise when repudiating a claim

Explain the importance of TCF with particular relevance to handling potentially fraudulent claims

Workshop Content

Communication skills and their importance to the claims process

An overview of fraud and how it impacts the insurance industry

An understanding of what is rapport building

How to build rapport

The questioning techniques available and when they should be utilised

An understanding of active listening and how to improve this skill

An opportunity to practise the above skills in claims related scenarios

Key elements to consider when repudiating a claim

The importance of TCF and its impact on the investigation and repudiation of claims

Testing (optional)