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CII Diploma: MO5 Insurance Law – mixed assessment

The objective of the CII Diploma M05 Insurance Law is to provide an insight into the laws which underpin the operations of insurance.

M05 Mixed assessment offers an alternative to assessment purely by examination (P05). To complete successfully, a student must pass one coursework assignment and one multiple-choice question (MCQ) exam within 18 months of enrolment.

This two day programme is designed to assist students with the coursework assignment and the MCQ exam. Students may opt to attend either Day 1 (which focuses on the coursework assignment) or Day 2 (focusing on the MCQ exam) or both.


Duration: 2 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 12

DAY 1: The Coursework Assignment

This workshop Is designed to assist students with the coursework assignment. It will be a very practical day which will focus on the main syllabus outcomes and the main legal topics, along with practical guidance on how to approach the assignment.

The workshop is intended to help students tackle some complex legal subjects, which can be very daunting when a student first takes delivery of a substantial textbook, in addition to helping with the challenge of understanding what is required to complete the assignment.


The Coursework Assignment

The coursework assignment must be submitted within the first 6 months of the enrolment period.  It is submitted online via, the CII’s online study tool.

It consists of 10 questions which range between 10 and 30 marks and which sequentially follow the syllabus learning outcomes .A student will have to gain 120 out of 200 marks to pass this component.


Note. Any guidance with the assignment is provided within the CII’s very strict rules requiring students to submit their own original work without collaboration copying or amending work from another source.

DAY 2:The MCQ Exam

This workshop is a revision day focusing on the main subjects that will be tested in the MCQ examination. It will be an intensive workshop intended to provide clarification and explanation of the legal topics.

Students will have the opportunity to seek clarification on areas that are causing them concern. They will also receive guidance from an experienced tutor on the main subjects that would be expected to arise in the examination.

The workshop will provide the student with the final boost they need to tackle the examination with confidence.


The MCQ exam

The MCQ exam must be passed within the 18 month enrolment period.  This is completed at one of the CII’s online centres.

The exam will include 50 MCQs. The nominal pass mark for this component is 65%.  The format is in line with the CII’s other MCQ exams, taken at Certificate level.