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How to carry out a compliance audit

The importance of an internal audit function relating to the broking/intermediary/insurance industry needs to be re-emphasised and an effective internal audit function should serve as a resource to the management. ¬†Compliance audits are routinely carried as a comprehensive review of a company, business or organization’s attention and adherence to specific statutory and regulatory rules and guidelines.

This workshop will explore the audit process and how to engage staff to embrace its function.

Who should attend?

Directors and managers responsible for compliance who will be involved in preparing for and managing compliance audits.

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Level: N/A

Duration: 0.5 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 3


  • Consider the best approach to inform staff of the process of auditing, including negative approaches and how to overcome them
  • Understand, investigate and determine audit parameters
  • Describe what will be examined during the compliance audit
  • Understand how to gather information relating to the specific area being audited
  • Review checklists and styles of audit


  • The initial meeting with appropriate company executives informing them of the process of auditing
  • Audit parameters: what precisely will be examined during the compliance audit?
  • Obtaining relevant information. How to gather information that relates to the specific area being audited.
  • What type and content¬† of questions that will be needed during the audit process and there preparation
  • System audits – in particular insurance/broking current systems and some of the difficulties which are encountered
  • Review checklists and styles of audit
  • Investigation of recent cases where the failure to audit has incurred a regulatory fine
  • Use of a case study to analyse a company’s operating environment