Best Laid Plans - Searchlight Insurance Training

Best Laid Plans

Managing projects that introduce positive and long-lasting change.
Many projects fail to hit their objectives, often caused by a lack of planning, scope creep, moving goalposts, changing priorities, budget cuts or diverted resource.
But there are also projects that deliver – and this workshop focuses on the essentials for success.
We outline a framework of how to plan, implement and close projects that will help them meet their objectives and act as a catalyst for positive change.


Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6

Define what constitutes a project
•Understand how natural human reactions to change can impact projects.
•Understand the importance of through planning at the start of projects, including the formation of the project team.
•Utilise the Project Charter as a method of recording project activity.
•Understand the key skills and behaviour required of a project manager

Definition of key features of successful projects.
•The change cycle – how human reactions to change can impact projects and how to deal with them.
•Success Essentials1: going slow to go fast
•Defining the project’s vision, scope and objectives
•Selecting and motivation of the team
•Assigning the team into roles and responsibilities
•Financial budgeting
•Planning communication
•Creation and usage of the project charter
•Considering dependences, assumptions and risks. Success Essentials2: making it happen
•Executing the project
•Use of tools and techniques
•Issues and challenges
•Financial controls
•Communication plans and strategies
•Close and handover
•Key Skills of a Project Manager