Alternative Risk Transfer - Introduction - Searchlight Insurance Training

Alternative Risk Transfer – Introduction

This workshop is aimed at anyone with an interest in the use of alternative methods of risk transfer and will provide delegates with a clear and comprehensive outline of the development of ART and the products now available.

It will also examine possible future developments in this dynamically changing area.

Level: Introduction

Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6


• Know the main forms of nontraditional risk transfer products

• Recognise how these may be incorporated in a risk transfer

• Be aware of some of the current regulations


From insurance to ART
•What is risk?
•Insurance – other risk
•Handling risk
•Convergence of markets

The issues
•Is it risk transfer?
•IAS, GAAP implications
•Tax issues
•Solvency issues
•Legal acceptability

Non-traditional insurance
•Finite risk
•Adverse development cover
•Loss portfolios (LPTs)
•Credit enhancement
•Balance sheet stop loss
•Weather derivatives
•Multi-year, multi-line covers

Non-traditional reinsurance
•Catastrophe bonds
•Contingency security