Agricultural Risk Survey Skills for non-surveyors - Searchlight Insurance Training

Agricultural Risk Survey Skills for non-surveyors

This interactive workshop on risk surveying is designed for non-surveyors and covers the issues considered in risk assessment and the options available to control and reduce risk.

It is ideal for those with practical experience in handling or placing agricultural risks who are looking to expand their knowledge of risk assessment and control.

The workshop provides a structured overview of the subject which will be tailored on the day to the particular needs and interests of the delegates


Duration: 1 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 6

Display a better understanding of the onerous nature of the agricultural industry.

Demonstrate an understanding of why and how farm surveys are carried out.

Demonstrate an understanding of the stages involved in the risk management process for agricultural insurance.

Analyse the role of farm surveys in the risk management and underwriting processes.

Adapt risk management theory to practical problems encountered in successfully insuring agricultural risks.

Display a better understanding of the content of survey reports.

Is there a problem? Statistical information relating to liability claims.

A practical demonstration of potential hazards and how liability can be minimised

Why surveys are carried out and the types of reports which are produced

The survey process – preparation, visit and follow up.

Farmers and Risk Management – legislation and responsibilities. HSE.

How the underwriter uses the survey to assess the subject matter, scope of cover, limitations of cover and apply terms.

Risk transfer/minimisation

Create a survey report and plan

Claims examples

Testing – optional