2 Day - New Starter Programme - Searchlight Insurance Training

2 Day – New Starter Programme

This two day programme is intended for new starters within the industry. Whilst induction training provides the knowledge required to undertake tasks within the workplace, specific technical training will create an interest in the industry and an appetite for further learning.

However, technical knowledge is, only one area of the skills required. The key to a successful business lies in the skills required to forge lasting customer relationships and the ability to communicate effectively is essential for a firm to thrive.

The programme will be participative and interactive and there will be many opportunities for group discussion.

Level: Introduction

Duration: 2 day(s) CII CPD Hours: 12

By the end of this 2 day programme delegates will:

  • Describe the factors involved in assessing and pricing a risk
  • Outline the key legal principles of insurance and identify their application in a day to day context
  • Know how insurance business is transacted
  • Explain the structure of the UK insurance market and the different sectors within it
  • Outline usual terminology, typical policy content and the factors involved in risk assessment and pricing
  • Write letters and e-mails logically to make them readable and easy to understand using English which is concise and accurate.
  • Use vocabulary, to achieve the required style and tone of the letter or e-mail
  • Write in a style appropriate to the readership of the document
  • Effectively check communications
  • Recognise the impact that telephone style has on the customer’s experience
  • Use effective questioning and listening skills as appropriate to the call

DAY 1 – Business Communication Skills

  • Effective communication and Plain English
  • Planning and preparation
  • Structure and sequence
  • Writing to express not to impress
  • Proof reading
  • Using positive language
  • Directing a conversation, using the conversation cycle
  • Dealing with difficult calls
  • Taking responsibility – not taking it personally
  • Building rapport – skills and techniques to build rapport with every customer
  • Personal barriers and effective self-management


DAY 2 – Introduction to Insurance

  • Definitions and context
  • Why people insure
  • The development of insurance and the insurance market and the different types of organisations in our industry
  • How the insurance process works
  • Key Principles – insurable interest, utmost good faith, proximate cause, indemnity, subrogation and contribution
  • Risk – moral and physical, frequency and severity
  • Proposal forms and slips
  • Policy navigation
  • The principles of claims handling
  • How insurance is regulated