Course Category: Business and People Skills

An Introduction to NLP

This highly participative NLP training for business workshop is a practical introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming,  the study of how changes in thinking, language and behaviour can lead to better practical outcomes.

It’s suitable for anyone responsible for people management and shows how NLP offers a means of modelling excellence to consistently achieve results.

Our NLP training for business workshop aims to heighten delegates’ self-awareness and understanding of others, to help them let go of restrictive old habits and patterns, to develop new ways of thinking and communicating, and to help them succeed as managers.

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Best Laid Plans (Successful Project Management)

Research suggests many projects fail to hit their objectives. This is often caused by a lack of planning, scope creep, moving goalposts, changing priorities, budget cuts or diverted resource. But projects that benefit from skilful project management can deliver outstanding results.

This interactive project management workshop focuses on the essentials for success, with particular emphasis on change management and some of the softer skills that can often be overlooked.

We outline a project management framework that set out clearly how to plan, implement and close projects effectively so that they become a catalyst for positive change.

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Business Communication Skills

Communicating effectively with customers can be challenging. That’s where our business communication skills workshop comes in.

When writing to or calling customers, it’s easy to lose sight of the original objective(s) of the communication in question. Communicating electronically makes better writing  – and an ability to communicate simply and directly – even more critical.

The ability to communicate effectively over the phone can make all the difference between a productive and an unproductive call, between success and failure.

This interactive business communication skills workshop provides practical help and guidance on developing the effective business communications skills that drive successful businesses.

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Business Continuity Planning

However hard an organisation tries to mitigate or avoid risk altogether, events can arise that simply lie beyond its control. Such events can threaten an organisation’s very existence. Senior managers, board members and indeed all managers and staff members need to plan in advance against such threats.

Business Continuity Planning is not an optional extra. It should be part of any organisation’s overall approach to risk management. However remote the possibility of a major incident occurring is – it should still be planned for.

For those in management roles business continuity planning training is a must.

This business continuity planning training workshop is designed for anyone with input into the formulation of the Business Continuity Plan, from dedicated risk managers and senior managers and team leaders down.

Our business continuity planning training workshop takes delegates through all the various stages in the formulation of a Business Continuity Plan.

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Coaching Conversations (Virtual Course)

This virtual coaching conversations course is aimed at all team leaders and managers or anyone who is responsible for ensuring their teams are working to agreed expectations as well as ensuring their well-being is being considered. This empowering style of communication will leave you learning as much about yourself as it will about the people you manage. 

This virtual course is delivered in three two-hour sessions.

We accept no more than 8 people on this interactive virtual course to ensure that everyone can be seen during the session and that everyone has the chance to share and contribute to the content.  These modules can be delivered flexibly over different timescales. 

We are currently seeking expressions of interest before we set firm dates. As these modules are 2-hour sessions, we can be flexible over times and dates.  

If you are interested in participating in this virtual coaching training course, please call Sally Fellingham-Huggett or email her at

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Coaching Skills

Coaching can be a highly rewarding and effective development technique, both for the coach and the coached. Our one-day coaching skills training workshop explains how to get it right.

Coaching effectively involves real development over time, based on proven techniques, which not only passes on knowledge but also encourages and builds trust and confidence.

Using the techniques learned and practised during this participative coaching skills training workshop, delegates will be able to use coaching in the everyday management of staff to enhance personal and team performances.

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Communication Skills

Effective communication is a core competency for every part of every business.

It is essential in business to improve collaboration and reduce conflict. Effective communication promotes better leadership skills and helps build high performing teams, increased sales and servicing successes.

This communication skills training workshop is suitable for those wanting to improve their communication and listening skills and become more versatile in their approach to others.

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Customer Care Skills

No two customers are the same. They all need to be treated as individuals. This interactive one-day customer care training workshop explains how to ensure all your customers feel valued and keep coming back.

One unhappy customer will tell many more about poor service they’ve experienced. Conversely, good experiences shared are one of the most powerful forms of advertising.

This workshop explains how to look after customers in a way that becomes second nature, thus ensuring consistently high customer satisfaction levels.

Anyone who deals with customers will benefit from this customer care training workshop.

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Delegation Skills

Delegation allows managers to free up time to attend to more important tasks. It helps them be more proactive in running their team.

For team members it can be a motivator, giving them the chance to do more rewarding work and to enhance their personal development.

This delegation skills training workshop is for managers and supervisors who want to improve their ability to delegate work effectively.

Our one-day delegation skills training session provides both a planning framework and a chance to practice managing the process.

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Delivering Excellent Customer Service

This interactive one-day customer care training workshop trains delegates in how to make all your customers feel valued.

One unhappy customer will tell many friends about a poor experience. But happy customers sharing their experience is powerful free advertising for your brand.

Our customer care training workshop shows how to look after customers in a way that will become second nature, ensuring happy customers come back again and again.

This customer care training workshop will be of benefit to any staff on customer-facing roles.

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Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Customer experience has fast become a top priority for businesses in 2021

Customers no longer base their loyalty on price or product. Instead, they stay loyal with companies due to the experience they receive. If you cannot keep up with their increasing demands, you may be at risk of losing customers.

This course aims to help you build brand loyalty by communicating effectively with your customers, ensuring that their interactions with your company is pleasant, consistent and continuously improving.


Course content

• What is “Customer Service”?

– What does it include?
– Who is a “Customer”?
– How does it benefit you & your organisation?
– What do Customer’s expect?

Customer Communications:

– The skills required
– Barriers & how to overcome them

• Listening
• The Telephone
Turning Complaints into Opportunities


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Essentials of Management – 2 Days

This two-day essentials of management training programme is designed for newly appointed managers, or aspiring managers. It gives delegates an insight into the people skills and management skills required to lead a team for the first time.

Our essentials of management training workshops are highly participative and interactive and provide opportunities throughout for group discussion on issues raised by delegates.

This essentials of management training is designed as a two-day programme. However, delegates may choose to attend one or all days.

Available Dates: 15th September (Day 1)  20th October (Day 2)
Face-to-face London Workshop 2022

Venue: &Meetings, 150 Minories, Aldgate, EC3N 1LS

Start time: 9:30am   Finish: 4:30pm

Lunch provided


“Having a very interactive training course made it more enjoyable and allowed us to really absorb the information provided during the sessions. Sue’s enthusiasm and encouragement throughout the course kept me interested and allowed me to really analyse my management skills.”  S. C. Sportscover

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Essentials of Management – Day 1

This one-day management essentials training workshop is designed for newly appointed managers, or aspiring managers.

The workshop gives delegates an insight into the people and management skills required in leading a team for the first time.

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Essentials of Management – Day 2

This essentials of management workshop is intended for newly appointed managers, or aspiring managers, and is designed to give delegates an insight into the people and management skills required in leading a team for the first time.

Our essentials of management workshop will be participative and interactive and there will be opportunities throughout for group discussion on issues raised by delegates.

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Handling Awkward or Angry Customers

Most customers don’t set out to be awkward or angry – they become so due to other factors. But, once they do careful handling is required. Our customer complaints handling training workshop helps makes sure that happens.

Customers may have a serious grievance or they may be using a minor problem with your service as an outlet for venting unrelated personal frustrations. Either way, it really helps if your staff have had customer complaints handling training that enables them to defuse a situation and turn negatives into positives.

Our one-day customer complaints handling training workshop teaches powerful techniques that get complaints resolved quickly and frictionlessly, generating customer loyalty and reducing workplace stress on your customer-facing employees.

Our customer complaints handling training sessions involves role-plays and an end-of-workshop Action Planning session.


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How To Get More Business From Your Clients

This workshop on getting more business from current clients develops the skills of commercial client facing staff.

It will provide participants with the skills to become trusted advisers by helping the client identify and understand the risks to his or her business.

Our workshops on getting more business from current clients involve learning by doing, not just listening.

Delegates will be on their feet, actively developing their new skills throughout the day.

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