Coaching for managers under the SM&CR regime

Coaching for managers, SM&CR Regime

Are you the sort of manager who tells and instructs your team what to do? Or are you the manager who is curious to know what your team have to say first before maybe helping them out with a suggestion or two?

When company standards are vague and unenforced, employees can feel adrift at sea without a leader to steer the ship. Clear communication sends a strong message that there is a captain at the helm who sets fair expectations and who knows how to get messages across.

In the ever changing world of Insurance, constantly telling and instructing people what to do is no longer sustainable, and for most – not acceptable. At times it can feel like being back at school. This parent, child relationship does not build or nurture talent or independent thinking. A manager who is able to understand when to lead and when to allow their team to take the reins is paramount to building trust and a strong rapport with colleagues. Be aware of your limitations as a manager and don’t be afraid to draw on the diversity of your team.

Coaching is an invaluable tool for managers who want to motivate and support their team to improve performance and manage change. It can also be part of an organisational strategy to support change at individual, team and organisational level.

Organisations that embrace the opportunity to integrate the Conduct Rules into their purpose and culture, will inevitably gain. If your company is struggling to embed the SM&CR regime into your core culture, Searchlight are on hand to assit.

Our newest addition to our growing course catalogue, Coaching for Managers will show you an alternative way to manage and lead your team by building rapport, listening to other ideas, asking incisive questions and giving constructive feedback. The result is a team who are motivated and engaged in their work and who view you, the manager as a role model and someone to look up to. These skills will show your team that you trust them to make decisions and think for themselves with the support of you as the manager.

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