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Authoring for your on-line system

Many larger firms purchase or develop their own e-learning systems. Often these come with a range of generic learning and assessment materials. The value of any e-learning system, however, is always enhanced if you can provide your staff with courses that are specifically relevant to your own firm and the roles they play within it.

You may already have created some of your own learning materials and may be wanting to expand the range – or you may be contemplating producing some bespoke training materials for the first time.

Whatever the case, Searchlight has vast experience of authoring courses and creating assessments for organisations including A-Plan, AXA, Aviva, Barclays Bank, BMS, CII, Coversure, Incisive Media, ifs University College, MGM and Swintons, among many others.

Our team of authors are used to working closely with our customers to ensure that they produce learning materials of the highest standards that are precisely tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Creating materials specifically for you does not have to be expensive – in fact it can be very cost effective.

Whether your need is for technical insurance, regulatory or management/business courses or assessments, please contact us and we can arrange an initial discussion about your requirements.